Skill Games Directory

As you all know The US recently passed a bill that does not allow any internet gambling.

The good thing is that Skill gaming is not included in that bill. You can easily play at these sites listed below and it is completely LEGAL.

You can play for free or for real money. You can win cash and prizes and compete against others for top placements in many different kind of games.

Along with the usual Web games that offer cash prizes, a growing number of sites are now letting users compete for a wager in multiplayer games and tournaments.

Like poker sites, skill game sites take a rake from head-to-head and tournament games, but unlike casino games or games of chance, the outcome of a skill game is predominantly determined by the user’s skill level.


Most skill-based games, or skill games, fall into four categories:

1- Arcade games involve quick fingers and quick thinking. These games are basically sped-up puzzle games.     Arcade skill games include Collapse and Mini-Golf.

2- Puzzle games rely on logic abilities and require the user to solve certain types of puzzles. While not as fast-paced as Arcade games, these games often come with a time limit. Popular puzzle games include Bejeweled and Hex Twist.

3- Word games are basically puzzle games using word problems, like rearranging letters to make words. Popular Word games include Bookworm and Alphabet Soup.

4- Trivia games test the users knowledge of trivia in specific categories or in general.


These skill gaming sites are actually pretty cool and you can have alot of fun playing at these sites. So check them out for yourself and see!




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