Booster Online Video Slot

Booster Online Video Slot is a 3 reel with a single payline 3D video slot powered by Slotland software. Booster uses a classic slot theme.

The minimum wager on the single payline is 0.05 while the maximum is 5.00 and its the highest per spin since its just a single payline.

The symbols include apples, grapes, lemons, money, a key, silver bricks, balloons and the boost logo. The boost logo is the game’s wild. Alongside the wild symbols, Booster Online Video Slot has multipliers and a progressive jackpot.


Booster Online Video Slot has the following Features:

  • Wild Symbol

The Booster game logo inscribed, “BOOST” is the wild. You have to collect three wilds to make it a wild symbol. The wild symbol substitutes all the other symbols to complete a winning payline. When it substitutes a symbol in an winning payline, it will multiply the winnings 10X.

  • The Boost Feature

Every time  the wild symbol completes a win, the boost feature is activated. The game will stop and you will have to make a choice to boost your wager to the required jackpot wager amount or just continue. This gives you an opportunity to only risk with the maximum wager amount when you have chances of winning the jackpots.

  • Bonus Game Feature

Booster has a unique bonus game feature. First of all the “loosing Pot” feature. This feature will accumulate at least 10% of the all the bets you are loosing and give it back to you. The Wild symbol also multiplies every win it completes 10X.

  • Progressive Jackpot Feature

The progressive jackpot can be won from Booster Online Video Slot. The jackpot is always played at slotland casino and it is connected to this online video slot. To win the jackpot, you must place the maximum wager per spin and hit three wild symbols on the reels.


My Thought On This Slot:

Booster Online Video Slot is offering an amazing feature. The “loosing pot” feature is a worthwhile one. Also the fact that I can start playing with less amount and only boost my wager when am sure of getting good winnings is a smart idea.

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