Jewels Of the Ancients Online Video Slot

Jewels Of the Ancients Online Video Slot is a 5 reel with 19 paylines video slot powered by Slotland software. Jewels of the Ancient has a theme that is associated with the ancient Gothic symbols and looking at the game screen, you will see symbols that depict vampire activities. It is presented in a night mode screen, with images that resemble Dracula and a dragon holding an Ankh. The game buttons are boldly presented in gravestones to add on to that Gothic touch.

This should not scare you though, it’s just a game and the bonuses ad payouts should worry you most. The symbols include; diamond, moon, chalice, a map and compass, silver bullets, potion, ring and garlic. The moon is the scatter symbol while the diamond is the progressive jackpot symbol.


Jewels of the Ancients has the following Features:


  • Symbols

The Diamond is the progressive jackpot symbol. The moon is the scatter symbol. According to the slot’s pay table, each symbol has its payout. The diamond id the leading with up to 1500X when you hit 5 of them on the reels. While 4 will earn you 500X and 3 will earn you 100X your total wager. The potion will give 24X if you get 5 of them and the chalice will pay 30X if you hit the same on the reel. The garlic pays 15X for 5 of them.

  • The Puzzle Bonus Game

if you hit three or more moon symbols on the reels, you will trigger the puzzle bonus game feature. Then the symbols will be replaced. Then you will have to uncover many bonus symbols as you can in just 6 trials. Depending on the number of bonus symbols you get, you will win cash prizes. I3 of them will win you $50, while 4 will win you $100 and 5 will get you $500. The ultimate cash prize is $1000 when you manage 6 of the bonus symbols.

  • Progressive Jackpot

To win the Slotland casino progressive jackpot with this online video slot, you have to hit 5 diamond symbols on the reels. You will also have to wager $20 and above. You can check at the game screen the current jackpot amount.


My Thought On This Slot:

Jewels of the Ancients offers diversified ways of payouts and winnings. It is one of the slots with strange themes but creative ways to win. If you have a phobia for Gothic and dark themes, you will have to forgo this video slot, but you may not know what you are missing.

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