Sugar Pop Online Video Slot

Sugar Pop Online Video Slot is 3D online slot game with 5 reels and 243 paylines powered by Betsoft Gaming. Sugar Pop resembles the famous Facebook game, Candy Crush where you have to match three candies in a row for them to shatter. When the trio shatters, another trio will take drop to that space, if they match they will shatter again and so on. The more trios you shatter, the higher the levels since the game is played in levels with special features.

There is a meter on the screen, and when you fill it, you climb to a higher level. Each level has new special candies. There are 20 levels to cover.


Sugar Pop Online Video Slot has the following Features:


  • Special Candies

As you shatter matching candies, you rise up the levels and get special candies;

Super Color special candy is given when you shatter 4 candies, the candy turns into a super color and you can win a multiplier.

Color Bomb special candy will come with 5 matched candies, color bomb shatters the whole screen.

Candy Cane special candy will crash all the candies on the entire row or column. Limited to level 10 n up

Other higher level special candies include; Jelly Beans, Cotton Candy, Caramel Chew, Gum Drop, Chocolate, Lollipop, Jawbreaker and White Chocolate.

  • Bonus Feature

There is an instruction on the left of the screen with the a pattern of candies to shatter to trigger the bonus feature. When you get the pattern, you win 600 points up on your level.

During normal game play, you also get to earn points to raise you up the level.

Sugar Pop has a jackpot worth 5000 coins.


My Opinion On This Slot:

This is one of the easiest and interesting video slots from Betsoft. You just spin, match candies, rise up the level and get special candies. If you have played candy crush and liked it, then Sugar Pop is an ideal slot for you. The theme is colorful and interesting with pink and blue colors and all candies of different colors. I didn’t win much on this slot though so I found the payout to be a bit lacking.

You can try Sugar Pop for free or with real money at the casinos highlighted in this review.

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