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  • Treasure Box

Treasure Box Online Video Slot has 4 rows of with 3 reels and 4 paylines. The unique video slot is powered by Slotland software. The video slot has a unique game play that make it different from the other slots out there. The player gets to make changes as they spin the sets of reels to get a nice win. The reels are in three colors red, green and blue and in the four rows stacked on each other. The symbols include a star, 1s and 7s that are on each reel and their colors mixed up.

Treasure box has an easy game play. Once you log in to the game and pull down the lever, the last set of reel will spin. Then the reels will show up in all the four sets as cards held together. Then you can now spin the remaining sets. The star is the wild symbol.


Treasure Box Online Video Slot has the following Features:


  • The Unique Symbol Payouts

Treasure box has unique symbols that pay good. These includes the star wild, the 1s and 7s.

The star is the wild symbol. It substitutes the symbols on the reels. Three of the wild symbols can win a 1000X multiplier or the jackpot if you had placed a maximum bet on the payline.

The numeric symbols has different payout plans depending on the combination.

Numeric symbols of the same color pays out 10X

Three 1 symbols regardless of the color pays out 15X while those of the same color pays out 150X.

Three 7 symbols regardless of the color pays out 25X while those of the same color wins 250X.

Three star symbols pays out 50X.


  • Jackpot Feature

If you wage the maximum bet on a payline, and you land three wild star symbols on that payline you can win the jackpot. The Treasure Box jackpot is a progressive jackpot.


My Opinion On This Slot:

Treasure Box’s game play is kind of different from the other slots. Its a bit confusing but also unique with great payout features. It takes some time to understand the payouts and stuff and I am not a fan of this slot but I am sure others will like it.

You can play this slot for free or with real money online at the casinos highlighted in this review.

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