The Umpire Strikes Back Online Video Slot

  • The Umpire Strikes Back Online Video Slot

The Umpire Strikes Back Online Video Slot is a game designed by Microgaming, which brings out the game from the viewpoint of referee instead of players. This slot game is based on a cricket theme which makes it ideal for sports lovers and sci-fi lovers. This is a 3-reel game with 1 play line slot. The game support is available on laptop and desktop (Mac/Win). This slot has bonus feature and free spins.

Betting amount range from a minimum $0.10 to $10 max.

As per the theme this slot game has plenty of cricket related symbols such as “4s”, “6s”, cricket bat, helmet and the umpire.


The Umpire Strikes Back Online Video Slot Has the Following Features:


Bonus Feature

In order to strike bonus, you need to get 3 of cricket balls combined with symbols anywhere on the screen. Once you strike bonus, you will be directed to different screen for playing bonus round. It will then give you the option to play a low gamble game or a high gamble play along with the option to choose any one of 3 numbers which act as an extra multiplier for your winning amount. If you win 3 consecutive times you get extra bonus.

Nudges and Holds

 The nudges are given on a random basis, which gives a player’s extra chance to set up winning combos. It also gives the option to repeat or bank the nudges. The slot frequently gives option to hold a certain reel and spin remaining to collect cricket balls.

Shifta and Let’ em Spin

 If you get the message saying “Shifta” after a non-win spin on a notice board then it resets the reels into a winning combination. If the notice board displays “Let’ em Spin” then don’t select any holds and just spin the reels as it gives a win for a sure shot.


My Thoughts on This Slot:

The Umpire Strikes Back Online Video Slot is very entertaining if you are a sports lover. If you really love cricket then this game is a must try for you, with great graphics it also gives good music while you play it. The super bonus feature of this slot will give you the chance to try your luck.

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