Who Spun It Online Video Slot

Who Spun It Online Video Slot is a 5 reel slot game with 30 paylines powered by Betsoft Gaming. The video slot has a murder scene theme and the player is the detective who has to be at the scene to find clues and solve the mystery of who killed the house owner, Dr. Farmington. The symbols include a dead body, a safe, magnifying glass, five suspects, wall full of clues.

In the game there are three different locations with clues. The murder location is at the victim’s house, a kitchen, bathroom, and a normal apartment set up can be seen. The second is the weapons that could have been used such as gun symbols, poison and wrench. The third location is the mess the culprit left behind like spilled tea, cigarette and a Doctor’s stethoscope.

A player has to gather 5 symbols on each location to proceed to the next. The Evidence symbol is the scatter payout. Two or more Evidence symbols, will win you the scatter prize.


Who Spun It Online Video Slot has the following Features:


  • The Clues

In every location, you have to get 5 clues to proceed to the next stage. When you finally done with all the three stages, you will have gotten enough clues to try a suspect. You will then call the suspect when the evidence symbol hits the center reel and interrogate them. Depending on your clues, be hard on them until they confess and you get to win.

  • Suspect Free Spins

When you have collected three clues, that is passed the three locations successfully, you can now move on to accuse a suspect when the evidence symbol landing on the central reel. You will then chose the suspect you want to interrogate and find all the confession you need to get to win.

  • The Gamble Feature

You can also risk the gamble game button and double your winnings. If all goes wrong you lose everything.


My Opinion On This Slot:

Test your detective abilities with Who Spun It Video Slot. The theme is a mind blowing one and the developers had put in much effort to make this video slot. I played Who Spun It and I loved the game play and the fact that it is a progressive slot makes it even more exciting. I loved all the interactive graphics that make these kinds of slots so much fun. The payouts are not huge but they come often.

This video slot is available online at the highlighted casinos in this review.

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