Wildheart Online Video Poker

Wildheart Online Video Poker is a 5×3 grid video poker provided by Slotland game software. The video poker is more of slot only that on the reels the player is dealt with cards as symbols of game play. Just as the name suggests the background of the poker depicts a wild environment with a tiger engraved at the top right of the game screen, a python on the left flowing downwards to the bottom of the screen and game cards are relayed on the screen as symbols. The background is wild enough to contain your game cards giving you a level ground to wager your money and also see if you can win.

Just like other casino games, you will also have to select your wager before being dealt with cards. After that you will be dealt with cards and you can choose discard cards you don’t like and ask for new ones.


How To Play Wildheart Online Video Poker

After choosing the wager and dealt with cards in 3 rows each with 5 cards. You will the opt to discard cards you don’t like and be supplied with new ones. Then you will have a different hand in the final draw. Your scores will be determined by the ranks of those cards in the draw.


Wildheart Online Video Poker has the following Features

  • Wild Symbols

The poker has wild card represented by the wild tiger on the screen. The wild card can substitute all the other cards in the game.

  • Wins and Prizes

There are different wins and bonus multipliers depending on the kind of pairs you win. A 2 or 3 pair of kind hand will win you a 1x or 2x of your stake respectively.  A straight, flush or full house will win you a 3x, 4x or 5x respectively. If you are lucky and land 4 of a kind or straight flushes you can win 8x or 25x. The major win is when you land natural royal flush that wins you 500x.


My Thought On This Poker

Wildheart Online Video Slot is an interesting game even though the wager range is non-adjustable.

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